still life LRSandy Craig is a Welsh artist and educator living and working near the source of the River Severn in Mid Wales, UK.  Her practice involves drawing, painting and printmaking, often in bold, contrasting monochrome. She graduated from Birmingham with a degree in Fashion and Textiles and returned to Wales to raise a family and work in art and design education after a career as a commercial fashion designer in London. She has over 15 years’ lecturing experience in the Further Education sector and a commitment to continuous professional development.

“I am drawn to objects and places that have demonstrated endurance and persistence. Domestic and sentimental objects, places and tools of bygone industry, weatherworn buildings and landscapes, historical museum collections, a discarded ticket on a wet pavement; survivors all, things that endure or persist beyond their time and intended function.”

“My work often explores the identity of things which have survived being discarded or left behind, momentarily, accidentally or indefinitely, raising questions about their placement in time and their users or handlers.”

Sandy has exhibited in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and New Zealand, and her work is held in private collections in the UK, Italy and USA. Publications include the Imago Mundi catalogue of the Luciano Benetton Collection ‘So Many Different Suns ~ Contemporary Artists from Wales’, 2017.






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