Photographing London in January


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Bricks, paint, graffiti, shadows, lights and dogs. Another week in London, this time carrying a camera instead of a sketchbook. I started out at Hawksmoor’s Christchurch in sunny Spitalfields and I walked around the exteriors of the beautiful, Georgian, Huguenot … Continue reading

Museum Piece


Bookshelf, Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum

There’s something odd about digitising something so analogue as a load of old books on a bookshelf. It’s as if the digital photography act itself creates a barrier to, in the present moment, reflecting on their place in the past, by instantly placing them in an archive of i-files to be stumbled upon and viewed sometime in the future. It’s like I don’t have to contemplate them now; I can do that later….maybe.

I am in Ceredigion Museum in Aberystwyth. The flow of human traffic moves me on, and the ‘Do Not Touch’ signs remind me that this is a museum display rather than individual items for picking up and reading, then placing back maybe in a different place. I love old books. I want to handle them, to flick through the pages and skim through the information in the Welsh and English texts, but their purpose has been transformed; a series of individual resources has become a naturally decaying single piece of Curator’s art….and now it’s a picture on my iPod. I’ll place it here so it doesn’t get to spend its future amongst my snaps of ice creams and seagulls.

The ‘Cottage Display’ that the above bookcase forms part of is explained in a virtual tour here:

More about Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum, here: