Launch Event ~ Autumn Show


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Great launch of Llanidloes Artists’ Autumn Show at Minerva Arts Centre, Llanidloes, today. So many friends and new friends, and lots of interesting dialogue. Thanks to everyone for visiting, to The Quilt Association for hosting, and to Studio Mayfly for … Continue reading

Autumn Show


Upcoming exhibition: Llanidloes Artists’ Autumn Show, Minerva Arts Centre, Llanidloes, Mid Wales. Opening 2-3pm Saturday 26th October. Runs until 2nd November. Exhibiting artists: @jeremyandrews395, Minna Barnes, @junkoburton, Kelli Di Capri, Vivi-Mari Carpelan (@tightropedancer66), Leanne Cordingley-Wright (@studiomayfly), @sandycraigartist, @gardiner_irene, @artbyosian,, … Continue reading

Art Days at The Pales. Upcoming Workshops


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I will be running a series of art workshops at The Pales, Llandegley, near Llandrindod Wells, Powys, throughout June. Weds 5th June 2019 – Drawing Weds 12th June 2019 – Printmaking (Linocut) Weds 19th June 2019 – Mixed Media Acrylic … Continue reading

Artworks about the drowned valleys of Wales


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Cyn y Dŵr (Before the Water) ‘These works were developed from research into the stories and visual records of the Tryweryn and Clywedog valleys that were seized and drowned following Acts of Parliament. Against the backdrop of impending change, a … Continue reading

Drypoint Etching, Proof Print


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  Drypoint etching proof print. I have produced little work the past 7 months due to arthritis causing inflammation in my hands/arms and tendons. This has been very frustrating and much work has been put on hold. This small piece … Continue reading

Artisans’ Emporium May 2016




I’ve just installed my artwork at the Artisans’ Emporium exhibition at Minerva Arts Centre, Llanidloes, Mid Wales.

I am showing a range of original paintings, drawings, linocuts, giclée prints, collages and cards. All work is for sale. Come visit if you’re in the area – it’s on throughout May, 7 days a week!


Drypoint Etching using a Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine

I am again participating in Leftovers International Print Exhibition organised by Wingtip Press, Boise, Idaho, USA. This will be my third year doing so, having already produced work for Leftovers IV and V. This is Leftovers VI, and instead of my usual linocut, I created this drypoint etching of a farmer ploughing a field in the Welsh countryside. I called it ‘Aredig’, Welsh for Ploughing. The exhibition features work from all over the World, so here’s a little piece of Wales to add to the mix.

Aredig group

I used a small off-cut piece of recyclable sheet acrylic , and drew my design onto it using a permanent marker. The marker pen hardly showed up black on black, and because the acrylic is opaque rather than clear, I couldn’t place my drawing behind and trace through, so I wasn’t sure how accurate I was being, and I was working in reverse too. I used a set of compasses as an tool to etch the surface of the acrylic, also using a little sandpaper in areas to create further tone. I relied on sideways lighting to see the marks I was making as it was really difficult to see what I was doing.

I did a series of rough proofs to reveal areas that needed further etching, then printed a small edition of 15. One was used for the front cover of Boise Weekly magazine, one will be shown at international venues in a touring exhibition, one will be auctioned to raise funds for Idaho Hunger Relief, and the other 12 will be sent to other participating artists.

I have no etching press, so I improvised by using my little Cuttlebug die cutting machine, made by Provo Craft. It works on the same principle, with a metal roller turned by a handle. Here’s the process:

This is the tool that I used to create marks on the surface of the acrylic; a set of compasses wrapped with masking tape to make it easier to hold. The acrylic can be bought as offcuts from auction websites.


Sheet acrylic drypoint etched with an adapted set of compasses

Ink is rubbed into the marks that have been created on the surface of the acrylic, then the excess ink is rubbed off. I used Lawrence Linseed Oil Relief Printmaking Ink as I don’t have any intaglio ink. It worked really well, nonetheless.


Linseed oil ink rubbed into the etched marks on the acrylic printing plate

The inked plastic etching plate is placed onto a sheet of paper that rests on top of the cuttlebug A and B plates.

laying into press

The Cuttlebug being used as an etching press

I pre-soaked some printmaking paper; when it was just damp I placed a sheet on top of the inked plate.

paper on top2

Damp paper laid on top of the inked plate

I then padded the top with sheets of scrap paper and some funky foam, and rolled it through the press by turning the handle.


Funky foam layers on top, then rolled through the press

The damp paper draws the ink out of the grooves. Et voilà!

rolled through

Printed drypoint etching

A Cuttlebug is a craft product, and is a fraction of the cost of an etching press. It works just fine for printing etchings and relief prints, however it is limited by its size, printing to a maximum of approximately 14 x 18 cms. It’s perfect for small scale work – I love etching this way. Etching has the quality of a drawing combined with the ability to reproduce it several times. Leave a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Aredig Etchings

‘Aredig’ (Welsh for Ploughing)- an edition of 15. Sandy Craig 2016

We have this thing about Welsh printmakers. And we have a thing about Sandy Craig’s fine prints. Gorgeous!

Posted by Wingtip Press on Monday, 11 April 2016


International Print Exchange 2015


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I am thrilled to have been a participating artist in the 7th International Print Exchange, organised by Green Door Printmaking Studio. In return for creating a small edition of prints, I received a lovely package of prints from other participating … Continue reading